Experts Never Compromise - Mascotte

Our manifesto

If you want the best, you need to be dedicated, determined and committed. Dedicated to quality, committed to every detail and determined to create the best. That is why experts do not compromise.

We are a Dutch brand with one singular focus: making the perfect papers for people to create their own enjoyment. No compromises.

After 160 years, we feel that we just about perfected the art. We know rolling papers like none other. From our slow burning light weight papers to our signature magnetic closure booklets, we bring quality and add value to the rolling experience. Up to the smallest details. Mascotte rolls better, sticks better, burns better. Mascotte is always 3xbetter.

Experts recognise and share our dedication to quality. They understand that rolling papers are a crucial part of their experience and hate to compromise. So they consistently use our rolling papers. You will recognise the expert when you see Mascotte.